Short Fiction – January-April 2017

So, Camp Nano is going well so far. I’m hitting my daily 1000 words goal, but I was hoping to do a little better. Not only do I have a gazillion of unfinished stories to wrap up, but I was aiming for about 1200 words per day to get slightly ahead. Next Sunday is Easter Sunday here in Greece, and there’s going to be BBQ and beer involved, and I’m not sure how much writing I might do next weekend.

And it is very interesting and headdesk-worthy that, as I type this, a new story idea popped up in my head, demanding to written NOW. O Yay (Not). And it’s a humorous story, which might explain why it popped up. The one I’m working on now is quite dark and, to some extend, autobiographical, so it might explains the need for humor. Potty humor, to be exact.

And perhaps it’s about time to catch up with my recent and upcoming publications for 2017:

– “The Last Dues Owed,” Cirsova, Winter 2016-17 issue. black

– “On Marble Threshing Floors,” The Sockdoladger, Winter 2017, “Women of War” issue.

– “Even Death,” Cast of Wonders, upcoming in 2017.

– “Scars of a Certain Value,” Equal Opportunity Madness Anthology (Cthulhu Mythos) from Otter Libris, upcoming in 2017. black

That’s it for now, and I hope there will be more to add soon.

(Cat icons indicate stories featuring Nedjem and his humans).


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