Goodbye, 2017, and thanks for all the kittens

This past years has been a relatively good one. Not great, but definitely not the horror that were 2014 and especially 2015.

I’ve put to rest several furry and feathered friends, and some of those losses haven’t hit me with their full impact yet. But since the Universe abhors a vacuum, we have a total of six new kittens running for the Feline Overlord Council in 2018.

As for writing: I sold only four stories in 2017, two of them reprints, but I also produced more solid stuff than other years, and I’m hopeful that 2018 will be better when it comes to publishing.

October was by far the best month in, well, ever. Several amazing things happened:

– Fantasticon 2017, during which I met awesome people.

– My story “Χίλια Μύρια Κύματα” (A Thousand Myriad Waves) won first place in Fantsicon’s Science Fiction contest.

– A little after that, my horror short story “The Drowned Man’s Kiss,” inspired from Nikos Kavvadias’ poetry, sold to Pseudopod, for their Artemis Rising event in March 2018.

And as the year drew to an end, I Can Haz Interview over at Ink and Papercuts. You can read it here, in case you’ve missed it.

So. Goodbye, 2017, and thanks for all the kittens. 2018, please to be arriving with the winning lotto numbers, thankyouverymuch.



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