2018 So Far: Published and Upcoming Fiction

So. 2018 hasn’t been good on my health so far, and I’ve neglected this poor blog. So let’s catch up, first with a round-up of this year’s published and upcoming short fiction.

  • The Drowned Man’s Kiss, Pseudopod/Artemis Rising 4
  • Requiem, Nature: Futures (also translated in Arabic here).
  • Pinch of Chaos, The (Dis)ability Short Story anthology (originally published in the “In a Cat’s Eye” anthology).
  • Ghostly Serenades by the Nile, coming in up from The Centropic Oracle, October 2018 (originally published in New Myths).
  • Make None to Weep, upcoming in Re-Quest from Pole to Pole Publishing.
  • My Muse Wears Army Boots, upcoming in Re-enchant from Pole to Pole Publishing.
  • Little Alien Flute girl, in Breath and Shadow.
  • Aquarius Ascendant, upcoming in the Battling in All her Finery anthology, from Mad Scientist Journal.
  • Last Call: Acheron, upcoming in Kaleidotrope.

Photo: Little Donut who’s no longer little waits for me to read him how an old man with a bad leg went on an adventure to save a cat in ancient Egypt. As all humans should, actually.


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