Welcome to the homepage and (somewhat) serious blog of Christine Lucas, writer of historical fiction, fantasy, science fiction and their occasional blend-ins. Oh, and cat stories too.

She was born and raised in Athens (of the country of Greece). The English language found her when she was five years old via her mother with an English Lit background, and stayed with her ever since, insisting on daily sacrifices of poetry and prose. She grew up in a pre-Internet era and in a society where the aspiration of becoming a writer attracted many funny stares. Very much like telmeandmewsling people that you’re off to Hollywood to become a star. Yeah.

So a career in the military seemed like the sane thing to do. Well, not to Christine, but let’s not go there. Long, painful story.

Twenty years of service later, with a honorable discharge due to medical reasons (that ‘sane’ thing mentioned above) she decided to start typing the stories that played on inside her head (‘sane’, you said?). She even joined writing workshops and took writing lessons.

Hmm, cat stories, you say? Fantasy cat stories? Hon, you’ll never get published writing that sort of stuff.

She heard that comment, and variations of it, many times, from many people. Thankfully, there were editors out there who thought otherwise. Or, perhaps, editors with cats that thought otherwise. Including awesome editor Ellen Datlow, who chose Christine’s short story “Dominion” (from ASIM #37) to feature in her cat-themed anthology “Tails of Wonder and Imagination” for Night Shade Books (out now – February 2010).

And Christine never regretted her choice to write fantasy, historical fiction and science fiction. Oh, and cat stories too.

And that was the sane thing to do.

And if you feel like it, you can always stop by her Facebook page or drop her a line here: tashenubaste at yahoo dot com

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